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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Consuming Your Own Urine

Urine therapy is the consumption of your own wee wee . Sounds disgusting doesn’t is especially when we have been told that body toxins are excreted via urine. Well its bullshit. The urine is known to science as the most perfect and most advanced medicine known to humankind. The urine is not a waist product, it is in fact food which has been produced by the blood and has every single vitamin and mineral and hormone in it that the body needs and there is in fact so many that sciences has still not finished cataloguing them. Your body is a big fractal or series of fractals; a perfect mathematical equation that is self sufficient providing it is fed and watered.

Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know that many drugs and even beauty products contain isolated elements of human urine. Some cancer drugs are made of some of the elements of human urine and then sold for so much money many cannot afford the treatment yet they are carrying the treatment with them all along and it is fresh and free and in abundance, so big pharmacy really is literally taking the piss out of us.

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