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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Urine Therapy - Skin Conditions

Urine therapy has really been working for me. My usual routine in the morning is to pee in a cup, catching the midsteam urine.  I would drink some and for the remaining 5 ml, I will massage gently on my face using facial tissue. After several minutes, I would then rinse my face with water or with a little facial foam.  I have been practising this for the past few years. Now my skin is much smoother, softer and clearer.

My skin looks so much more even toned and glowy. It looks like I'm wearing a light layer of makeup; thats how much my skin has changed.  Overall my complexion looks much healthier and radiant.

Urine is completely sterile and fresh urine has absolutely no bacteria in it if it is caught midstream.

Yes I know, urine therapy may seem repugnant to you, but this natural anti aging skin care treatment is nothing new and in fact has been (and still is) in use in many cultures around the world for centuries. Most of us are probably unaware that the most powerful, least expensive and easily obtainable medicine in the world is right within our reach –all we need is a glass. Yes drinking your own urine is a well-kept secret that is finally coming out of the closet.

Perhaps you have heard of people trapped in mines or lost in a desert wilderness who stayed alive by drinking their urine. It may have seemed like a pretty drastic course, even for someone threatened with the possibility of death, however you may be surprised to know that urine therapy is more than an emergency measure.

There is overwhelming evidence that supports its successful use in areas of health. I guess that’s why it has been in use for hundreds of years.

Dr. Ronnie Ng


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