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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Urine Therapy : Drops Under The Tongue

Today marked my 133th day on Urine Therapy.


The best method to use urine therapy: Drops under the tongue.

This is the application many started with after reading my book, Water Medicine. It is a very easy way in regard to finding the right dosage, using the urine absolutely fresh several times a day and having the best results.

Urine drops are applied under the tongue and instead of drinking a larger quantity; one uses only 1 to 20 drops placed with an eyedropper under the tongue.

We really don't know exactly why this application works with such a small dosage. It is used in a similar way to homoeopathic medicine and kept as long as possible in the mouth.

An explanation as to why the urine drop application works so well was presented by Dr Ryoichi Nakao M.D., Chairman of the M.C.L Institute of Japan in his speech to the first World Conference on Urine Therapy: 'Although auto-urine therapy has been known and practised for more than 4,000 years it is still believed that among the components in urine there is a miracle cure for all ailments. However, the efficacies of urine therapy do not indicate it to be an actual medicine. Instead, in terms of immunology, urine is an information source about the disease in the body, and when this information passes through the throat, it is analysed and the immune system is activated to produce the right biological response modifiers in the body to cure the disease.'

And there are other interesting reports about small dosages of substances kept under the tongue for protection. Workers in Japanese paint plants are traditionally successful in preventing long-term health damage from the chemicals they work with by keeping a bit of the paint (dried flakes of paint) under their tongue.

Urine drops are taken from the mid-stream morning urine with an eyedropper under the tongue.

First day ~ 1-5 drops; second day ~ 5-10 drops and on the third day 5-10 drops but twice a day - first thing in the morning and just before bedtime.

This dosage can be maintained until the particular complaint is solved. The dosage may also be increased as needed. Researchers in Scotland have made a further discovery about the correct dosage of urine drops for each individual. Fresh urine is collected between meals and slowly placed under the tongue with an eyedropper. The sensation of taste and temperature noticed with the first few drops suddenly cannot be detected by the patient any more after a certain number of drops that is individual to the patient. The researchers call this phenomenon of diminishing taste, the neutralising dose. With this immune reaction everyone can find out his or her own individual doses at any time.

In my book, Water Medicine, the urine drop method is mentioned and most of the feedback has been about positive treatment of illnesses using this method such as 'I took five drops under my tongue each day, morning and night, for the first two days, no change, but then on the third day I had no asthma - not a bit'. Urine should be taken joyfully and with a pleasant mind and with faith, at least in the therapy, which improves the healing chances dramatically. Your mind is much more powerful than y

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